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To Become A Foster Parent

The benefits of foster care are well known, to provide a child with emotional support and stability in hopes for reunification. The first option for children requiring temporary housing falls within the circle of family members, relatives, and close friends. Yet, another possibility is that a kid will be placed with a foster guardian, until they might reconnect with their guardians. So what is the experience of a foster parent, and how does one get involved within the foster system?

The process to becoming a foster parent is lengthy, but certainly necessary. Allowing for full safety of the child, foster parents cultivate an environment that a potentially vulnerable or traumatized child may seek shelter in. The first step is to contact an adoption agency, ensuring you are qualified to home a child. After this, comes the long process that includes background checks, financial stability, safe home environments, etc.

Various attributes of applying to be a foster care guardian are similar to job applications, yet they are not similar at all. For instance, agencies may ask for references to verify good nature and get to know you. Background checks are also key, to rule out any past criminal behavior that may endanger the children.

A crucial aspect to ensure the competency of a foster parent is by passing the appropriate training to make sure they are suitable to be caring for children. There are many training programs available, some involving emergency training (CPR, first aid) and emotional support.

Another aspect of the process is a home safety check. Social workers inspect homes to assess any possible risks that a child could face. A home safety check is incredibly nitpicky and through; case workers have to identify any possible threats. In fact, National Foster Parent Association (NFPA) claims, “In certain circumstances, homes will also need to be inspected by a fire marshal or building inspector. Your family may also be asked to document such things as pet vaccinations and water drink ability if you have your own well.” Agencies might take interviews of family members and advise for certain age ranges that would be suitable for your home.

If one is dedicated to the process, it can take 3 months to half a year. But it all depends on the pace you would take. Being a foster care parent is a rewarding experience, to provide shelter for a child, and to supply safety and support.

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