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"Caregena knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our campaigns. I ultimately decided to launch Caregena because I realized that by working together, we can offer a lifetime of services and opportunities for adolescents who may not have sufficient resources to provide for their education or to find their interests."

- Vaishali Jha, 12th grade

Current Campaigns

Through our numerous campaigns, we plan to raise awareness of Caregena's core values of enlightening hope and giving back to the community. 

- Donation Drives 

- Outreach 

- Fundraising

- Care Blog 

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Our Chapters

DM us on Instagram (@care.gena) or email us at if you have any concerns!


The Process for opening a chapter:
- Once you fill out this form we will contact you to schedule an interview
- You will be sent an agreement document to read over and sign if accepted
- Gain members and start holding events!

Our chapters are currently located in:



New York

"Thank you so much for your generous support of Child Advocates of Silicon Valley! We received your donations of toys, paper, books, folders, and much more!"

- Frederick J. Ferner, CEO

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